“Who would marry a short girl like her? Look at her legs. Why did you come, it’s better you stayed at home.” This is what Nazia, hears from people whenever she goes to a party or a gathering.
Hadya started her business four years ago with AFN 20,000 (around USD 270). At first, she found it hard to make a profit, but she didn’t give up. “I was disappointed with the results at the beginning, but I forced myself to continue,” she says. “Now my monthly income has gone from zero to around AFN 200,000 [USD 2.5K].”
On the first day of Ramadan, an auspicious day, Mr. Abdallah Al Dardari started his new role as Resident Representative for United Nations Development Programme in Afghanistan.
Matiullah was two and a half years old, lying in her mother’s arms, when the rocket hit. Accompanied by a deafening blast, the ceiling collapsed on them in a shower of wood and earth. They could see nothing in the clouds of dust.
One of the biggest challenges of building a career is finding the experience in the workplace to make yourself an attractive candidate for a job. It is especially difficult if you are a young woman in a country like Afghanistan, trying to make your mark in a society traditionally dominated by men.
Khojasta Sameyee , Mary Akrami and Muqadasa Ahmadzai, three activists for peace in Afghanistan, have won the 2018 N-Peace awards, in three different categories.
“I told them I wanted to join the police so that I could do more important things for myself and other women.” says Gulafrooz Ebtekar, a police officer in Afghanistan.

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