All life on Earth depends on water. For those who grow crops to live, however, it is especially important. After decades of war, Afghanistan’s economy, and the lives of many of its people depend on agriculture.
Twenty-eight-year-old Muhibullah is a tuberculosis (TB) survivor who has become a health worker after being cured of the illness. He has made it his mission to help other patients, and raise awareness among his community about the disease.
Insecurity is still the biggest problem facing the Afghan government. Over the years, Afghanistan has been building up its security forces, including an efficient national police force. It’s an arduous task.
During the trip, Napoleon Navarro, UNDP’s Senior Deputy Country Director visited several irrigation projects. “Our people are always grateful. They will appreciate and remember if people take even the smallest obstacle from our path, or lay just one stone to rebuild our country.” a villager told Napoleon..
Parwana is a young woman living in Mazar-e Sharif of Balkh province. Unfortunately, she became one of millions of women around the world who experience domestic violence.
Two years ago, Usman Noorzai was standing in his village of Shade Bara when he heard a rumbling sound. “We looked up, and saw tremendous flood waters coming down from the mountains. We were fixated with fear.”
Despite its natural beauty, until recently, Sang-e-Nawishta had its share of problems. Villagers did not have access to clean water, and had to drink from a polluted canal. This led to high levels of disease.

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