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A Success that Crosses Boundaries

A cross-border trade fair involving 45 entrepreneurs from Tajikistan and Afghanistan was held in October, and was a resounding success.  

UNDP Heads for Asia-Pacific and Afghanistan Discuss Belt and Road Initiative on CGTN

In the fall of 2013, China introduced the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) to connect countries in Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe to promote more effective economic cooperation, which could…  

Community initiative from Afghanistan wins UN prize

At a press conference held on Monday, September 21st, leaders from the United Nations joined Academy Award-nominated actor and activist Alec Baldwin to announce the 21 winning initiatives of this…  

MBAW Project Summary

Focus on Building Capacity For Grassroots Action in Protection of Environment in Afghanistan

Kabul, Afghanistan: Representatives from 40 Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) from Afghanistan participated in a Global Environment Facility (GEF)-Small Grants Programme (SGP)-led exercise aimed at…  

USD 20 Million New Japanese Funding For Livelihoods Generation in Rural Afghanistan

The Government of Japan will provide an additional USD 20 million for the implementation of livelihoods-support projects in Afghanistan under the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)-supported…  

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