AFII First Quarter Progress Report 2014

01 Apr 2014


Following the approval and signing of the Afghanistan Integrity Initiative (AFII) project on 9 December 2013, the key objective under this quarter has been to intensify the mobilization of project resources. Another priority has been to initiate the contracting of Transparency International (TI) to carry out the National Integrity and Context System Assessment (NICSA) survey that aims to provide the government the data necessary to develop a comprehensive National Anti-Corruption Policy. During this quarter AFII and the New York University Abu Dhabi Centre (NYUAC) have reached an agreement to jointly conduct a pilot survey with the purpose of collecting data and qualitative information sub-nationally to ascertain the nature of corruption and maladministration affecting schools. 

Regular consultations were conducted with government counterparts to determine and subsequently put into practice an AFII specific resource mobilization approach. A variety of project presentations and interactions with donors have been conducted, notably with GIZ, the Japanese embassy, the Swedish embassy, the Danish embassy as well as with assorted donors at the Human Resource Development Board (HRDB) Steering Committee meeting at the Ministry of Education. 

Transparency International submitted their proposal to undertake the NICSA survey which has been evaluated internally. UNDP Afghanistan’s evaluation will be submitted to the Regional Advisory Committee on Procurement in Bangkok for final review in the second quarter. 

The “Small Contributions Agreement” between AFII and NYUAC has been drafted and is presently with NUYAC for final review and clearance. 

The 2014 annual workplan was approved by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Justice, the Supreme Audit Office, UNODC and the acting Democratic Governance Cluster Head at the AFII Board Meeting conducted on 5 February 2014. 

The report shows that AFII partially achieved the annual targets of output 1, while output 2, output 3 and output 4, not were anticipated to be initiated in the first quarter. 

The report further shows that AFII by the end of Quarter 1 of 2014 had disbursed a total of US$ 94,855 or equivalent to 28% of the annual total budget. 

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