AFII Second Quarter Progress Report 2014

01 Jul 2014


Due to this quarter’s prolonged election uncertainty and the donor community’s subsequent postponement of funding decisions, resource mobilization efforts have been modest during this quarter. 

The key objective has continued to focus on the contracting of Transparency International (TI) to carry out the National Integrity and Context System Assessment (NICSA) survey that aims to provide the government the data necessary to develop a comprehensive National Anti-Corruption Policy. 

In collaboration with the New York University Abu Dhabi Centre (NYUAC), AFII has also initiated the process to contract a service provider that will conduct a pilot survey with the purpose of collecting data and qualitative information sub-nationally to ascertain the nature of corruption and maladministration affecting schools. 

Following the approval by the Norwegian government to fund an AFII proposal to support Ministerial reform efforts under Pillar Two of LOTFA, AFII and LOTFA formalized an agreement whereby AFII will make available technical support to LOTFA from 1 June till 31 December 2014. The specific objective of AFII’s assistance will be to: 

A) Support the Office of the Inspector General to improve the provision of security and police services, and 

B) Provide public servants of the MoI access to a well-functioning complaints mechanism 

Transparency International submitted their proposal to undertake the NICSA survey which has been evaluated and cleared internally. UNDP Afghanistan’s evaluation has been submitted to the Regional Advisory Committee on Procurement in Bangkok for final review. 

The “Small Contributions Agreement” between AFII and NYUAC has been finalized and the funding contribution from NUYAC has been received. 

AFII initiated its support to LOTFA by organizing a coordination meeting with key international partners, i.e., CSTC-MAG, EUPOL and Shafafiyat, which marked the starting point of the formulation of a joint work-plan pertaining to OIG improvement, and the MoI complaints mechanism strengthening. 

The report shows that AFII partially achieved the annual targets of output 1, while output 2, output 3 and output 4, not were anticipated to be initiated in the second quarter.

AFII’s support to Ministerial Reform component of LOTFA is an innovative initiative that goes beyond the scope of the AFII annual work-plan. 

The report shows that AFII by the end of Quarter 2 of 2014 had disbursed a total of US$ 180,185 (provisionally)
, or equivalent to 26% of the annual total budget. 

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