AFII Annual Progress Report 2014

01 Jan 2015


On 9 December 2013, UNDP’s new anti-corruption project, AFII, was approved and signed by H.E. the Minister of Education, H.E. the Minister of Justice, H.E. the Auditor General, as well as the UNDP Resident Representative. In 2014 a key objective of the project was to mobilize adequate resources to initiate the implementation of the four project outputs, namely:

- Finalize a National Integrity and Context Survey Assessment (NICSA). The NICSA would generate the data and qualitative information that would enable the government to formulate a National Anti-Corruption Policy (NACP) in an evidence based, factual manner

- Strengthen the national audit regime by reforming external as well as internal audit mechanisms

- Establish and strengthen complaints mechanisms in the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Education

- Improve education and justice services by providing school management committees an integrity profile, and by independently scrutinizing provision of justice services in the general legal (Huqooq) departments.

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