JHRA Second Quarter Progress Report 2015

01 Sep 2015


During the Second Quarter (Q2) of 2015, JHRA has continued the implementation of its Annual Work Plan, achieving significant progress in all outputs. Regarding Output 1, High level coordination mechanism for developing policy and legislation in accordance with international and national standards are established and functional in State justice institutions. The work on the Rule of Law Indicator Study (ROLIS) neared completion is on track to be formally presented during a conference in Q3. ROLIS will set a thorough baseline with over 120 indicators on the rule of law, which provides a basis to the development of recommendations for these indicators. Furthermore, law reform is ongoing, focusing on laws with a clear human rights dimension, including the Law on Conciliation of civil disputes for which significant progress on stakeholder dialogue was achieved during Q2. On the human rights institutions’ capacity for tracking, monitoring and reporting on the implementation of human rights commitments, a consultancy was initiated to undertake capacity development efforts with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA). The final version of the United Nations Convention Against Torture (UNCAT) State Report was produced and is expected to be approved during Q3 by the National Steering Committee. Additionally, the Human Rights Task Force committee, composed of representatives from several justice institutions, convened under the active leadership of the Ministry of Justice (MOJ), which is an important platform to discuss human rights issues from an inter-institutional point of view.

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