ASGP Annual Progress Report 2014

01 Jan 2015


This annual report for the Afghanistan Subnational Governance Programme (ASGP) outlines the Project’s Results and Activities across all 34 Provinces in 2014. ASGP is a capacity development programme that supports more effective, sustainable and inclusive subnational governance at the Independent Directorate of Local Governance (IDLG), and across the Provincial Governors Offices (PGOs) and District Governors (DGOs), all 34 Provincial Councils (PCs) and 21 municipalities. ASGP technical and capacity development specialists, collocated with partners and in regional offices, support these activities and results, in partnership with ASGP- funded NTA personnel in subnational offices and in IDLG. ASGP is the only source of external support to local governance in Afghanistan’s 34 provinces, and The London Conference in December 2014 underline the importance of strengthening local governance to build stability and security in Afghanistan.


Highlights for 2014 include support to significant subnational policies and initiatives, such as IDLG’s Capacity Development Plan and its first Gender Mainstreaming Plan, municipal and provincial customer service centers that provide a one stop shop for service delivery, and support to municipal revenue enhancement plans that promote sustainable revenue sources and limited deconcentration. ASGP also

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