SDGs Annual Progress Report 2016

01 Jan 2017


Adopted by the world leaders at the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit on 25 September 2015, the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Agenda presents a radical new approach to transforming our world, focusing on the integrated pillars of Sustainable Development: economic, social, environmental. It also includes within the framework key elements of peace, justice, and institutions which were not part of the MDG framework.

In this context, the Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (GoIRA) is deeply committed to attaining the SDGs. With the cabinet decision of 7th October 2015, the Ministry of Economy (MoEc) has been designated as the lead ministry and focal point for SDGs and assigned to take lead in coordinating, planning, monitoring and reporting on SDGs for the GOIRA. The main reason behind the compilation of second and third month of the 2nd quarter to this comprehensive project is to avoid duplication and presenting the overall achievement in one version with the 3rd quarter report.

During the reporting period, extensive support was provided to Ministry of Economy in process of Nationalization and Alignment of SDGs, several consultation meetings took place in various levels to identify the key indicators which are applicable in case of Afghanistan for Afghanistan Sustainable Development Goals.

The project support unit which is embedded in MoEc played a vital role in coordination between the Ministry of Economy and central statistics organization in order to finalize and the localized indicators of SDGs. Moving on, Ministry of Finance who is leading the ANPDF where SDGs are supposed to be aligned with the ANPDF, several consultation meetings took place in technical level and deputy ministerial level in order to identify the activities which are covered under the ANPDF where the base is the six development councils and SDGs base is the eight budgetary sectors.

Since the beginning of the project the mandate which the project is designed for is the localization, alignment, and monitoring of SDGs in country level, luckily Ministry of Economy who is the main beneficiary of the project has successfully finalized the nationalized indicators for the eight budgetary sectors.


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