LoGo First Quarter Progress Report 2016

04 Jan 2016


The Local Governance Project – Afghanistan (LoGo) started on October 2015. Building on the lessons learned from Afghanistan Subnational Governance Programme (ASGP), the Project is developed in line with the Country Programme Document (2015-2019) outcome 1 “Improved legitimate, transparent and inclusive governance at all levels that enables progressive realization of human rights”.

LoGo project with IDLG provides support to 13 PGOs and PCs, 22 provincial and districts Municipalities and civil society organizations in 17 provinces aiming at improving service delivery by enhancing accountability and transparency of the local governments to the women and men of Afghanistan, and building the capacity of the local governments to plan, budget and monitor service delivery effectively. The ultimate goal is to increase the legitimacy of the government and the trust between the state and society.

The first quarter of 2016 (January – March) also served as preparatory and launch phase for LoGo recruitment and implementation at IDLG in centre, provinces and municipalities. Besides, it saw a company was contracted to carry out the base line survey for LoGo and the broader area of sub -national governance in Afghanistan.

During the first quarter of 2016, LoGo provided the support to the formulation and implementation of the provincial development plan for the year 1395 in nine provinces. Further, provincial councils were supported to strengthen the oversight capacity, and raise public awareness of their role and responsibilities in two provinces.

As for municipalities, municipal annual plans were developed for 3 municipalities in a participatory approach and a five-year conceptual framework for Nili municipal management was developed and submitted to the President’s office. Further, public outreach activities were supported in these municipalities, engaging school municipality committee in promoting urban culture across the city.

With the support from LoGo, IDLG reviewed and revised the Sub-National Governance (SNG) policy to reflect the National Unity Government priorities, initiated inter-ministerial policy dialogue through inter-ministerial policy meeting. Locally, the provincial consultation was organised in Nangahar and collected local views and feedback on the said draft policy document. In line with South- South cooperation, 14 IDLG officials were trained in India on public finance management and public budgeting and administration courses.

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