LoGo Third Quarter Progress Report 2016

06 Jul 2016


The Local Governance Project – Afghanistan (LoGo), is a 5 - year project that aims to improve service delivery by enhancing accountability and transparency of the local government and contribute to increase legitimacy of the government and trust between the state and society. The project provides support to the Independent Directorate of Local Governance (IDLG), 13 Provincial Governors Offices (PGOs) and Provincial Council (PCs), 22 provincial and districts Municipalities and civil society organizations in 17 provinces.

During elapsed quarter, LoGo continued its support to the review of 1395 Provincial Development Plan implementation in 7 provinces. In addition to this, the Provincial Strategic Plan (PSP) for Paktia, Kapisa and Sar-e-Pul has been published. Further, Provincial Development Committee (PDC) monitored about 65 projects and provided recommendations and corrective measures in seven provinces.

Further to this, three public accountability session and eight district outreach visits were organized as part of the accountability and oversight framework of PCs to advocate local citizen issues and local service delivery implementation. During the event, about 2400 local citizen participated, of whom 300 were female.

In this quarter, the construction of a Citizen Cervices Center in Bamyan PGO and Customer Service Centers in Bamyan municipality have been initiated as One-stop shops to provide the information and local government services to citizen.

Further, REAP, CDP and outreach plans were revised for four and endorsed by DMM for three municipalities. Selection of a firm/NGO to conduct property registration is underway. For revenue enhancement, different capacity development workshops were organized for 36 municipal officials of 22 municipalities covering topics such as legal awareness, safayi tax and business registration. Mid-year municipal accomplishment reports of three municipalities were developed and three accountability sessions were organized.

In this quarter, networks of 31 civil society organizations of three provinces were consulted and orientated on LoGo support to civil society. Besides, a national civil society organization, PESCO has been provided a grant to support to local CSOs in seven provinces.

LoGo provided support to IDLG in preparation for the Brussels Conference, by hiring a consult who drafted the IDLG report “The IDLG’s Story 2007-2016 - Rebuilding Local Governance in Afghanistan”. In addition, LoGo supported the revision of the SNG policy, while an IDLG Gender Strategy and Anti -Corruption Strategy were also developed.

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