NABDP Annual Progress Report 2014

31 Dec 2014
NABDP Progress Report


In 2014, the Nation Area-Based Development Programme (NABDP) directly supported the sustainable reduction of poverty and improvement of livelihoods in rural Afghanistan through the execution of three mandated efforts which are i) the support to District Development Assemblies (DDAs) to independently prioritize local development efforts; ii) improve access to public services for the rural poor; and iii) support stabilization efforts in less secure regions and districts.


This year NABDP supported DDA elections in 28 districts utilizing democratic participation to strengthen local involvement in development processes by electing 756 members, of which 23.9% were women. Additionally, 1,019 DDA and Community Lead Development Department members (of which 270, or 26%, were rural women) received training to increase their capacity in governance, conflict resolution, gender equity, participatory planning, project management, and disaster management. An example of the direct results from these ongoing trainings can be seen through local communities utilizing 163 DDAs to resolve 563 conflicts. Furthermore, in an effort to increase transparency and encourage local input into rural development efforts, this year 45 DDAs held public hearings in 18 provinces across Afghanistan with 4,866 Afghans in attendance.


In support of local economies, NABDP utilized rural development as an opportunity to provide a cumulative 1,005,514 days of temporary labour which have the intended side benefit of increasing their vested interest in development results. Of the 279 projects completed, 18 were in less secure areas where the direct employment of ex-combatants supported reintegration and stabilization efforts. In 2014, NABDP provided 764KW of electricity for the first time to 11,829 households residing off-grid. NABDP also supported 74,432 rural households through the completion of 38 transportation infrastructure projects. These projects resulted in 42km of tertiary, concrete and asphalt roads in five provinces; the installation of seven culverts in five flood-prone provinces; and the construction of 22 bridges in 12 provinces connecting rural communities to district and provincial centers. In direct support of natural disaster mitigation efforts in rural communities NABDP completed 49 projects for a total of 17.8km of protection walls, retaining walls, and gabion walls in 15 provinces. NABDP also completed 38 agriculture and irrigation projects across 12 provinces to the benefit of 17,544 households while protecting or enabling the immediate use of 2,232 Jeribs (4.5km2/1,103 acres) of arable land. Notably, NABDPs completion of 27 public building projects in 16 provinces benefitted 207,162 rural households. This year also brought about the completion of 48 water supply projects in 11 provinces which provide access to safe drinking water for 19,316 rural poor households with an immediate reduction in the spread of preventable disease. Lastly, at the completion of 39 economic empowerment projects in embroidery, literacy, tailoring, vocational training, and carpet weaving 1,380 rural women are able to earn additional incomes significantly improving and stabilizing their household incomes.

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