NABDP Annual Progress Report 2015

31 Dec 2015
NABDP Annual Progress Report 2015


National Area-Based Development Programme (NABDP) commenced as a joint initiative of the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in 2002, with the goal of reducing poverty and diversifying livelihoods. NABDP's third phase (2009-2015) of implementation focused on local institutions, productive infrastructure and reintegration.


Over the course of 2015, NABDP re-formed eight District Development Assemblies (DDAs) and established one DDA in a new district. By the end of 2015, DDAs had been established in 389 districts. After NABDP closes, it is possible that some DDAs will be converted into District Coordination Councils (DCCs) as official district government entities. But the situation remains uncertain.


NABDP implemented around 1001 infrastructure projects in 2015, providing communities (175,941 households) with improved access to electricity, transport, safe water, public buildings, irrigation and disaster mitigation measures. These projects were developed based largely on local needs and channelled through DDAs and Community Development Councils (CDCs)2. CDCs and DDAs also played an active role in the implementation and monitoring of at least 104 projects.


Furthermore, the construction of these infrastructures has created temporary employment opportunities (576,816 labour days) for community members.

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