Sub-National Governance Study Papers

28 May 2014


To feed the UNDP’s Subnational Governance and Development Strategy and to help widening the academic-research spectrum in the country, the Sub-national Governance and Development (SNGD) unit of UNDP-Afghanistan fully supported the research and publications of the five below study papers: 

1.     Innovations for Accountable and Responsive Local Governance - Aditi N. Haté and Shahzar Zadran

2.     Local Budget and Treasury Processes - Ted Dinklo

3.     Inter-Governmental Roles in Service Delivery - Michael J. Meyer and Abdul Moien Jawhary

4.     Management of Local Grievances and Complaints in the Afghan Public Sector - P. Madhava Rao

5.     Local Conflict Management - Khibar Rassul

The papers’ findings and recommendations were taken into account during the SNGD strategy formulation and will be considered for the design of the new progrmme documents following-on the current UNDP interventions in the sub-national governance and service delivery sector.

To spread the information, the study papers are packaged into a one Study Box and are being distributed to all relevant organizations –i.e. UN agencies, government partners, donors’ community, private sector and academic centers.