MDG 9: Enhancing Security

Security is critical for Afghanistan's reconstruction. Without an adequate level of security, not only will the country fail to achieve the Millennium Development Goals, but also progress achieved during the last four years will be reversed, increasing the likelihood of resumption of large-scale conflict. The United Nations added a ninth MDG Goal of Enhancing Security to help maintain the growth of the other eight MDG goals.

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Latest MDG Reports
Afghanistan Millennium Development Goals Report 2012

The 2012 MDG Report from the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, which presents an analysis of MDG progress in the country and spotlights serious and persistent development challenges to MDG achievement.

National Risk and Vulnerability Assessment 2011 - 2012

The 2011-12 National Risk and Vulnerability Assessment (NRVA) is a nationally representative multi-purpose survey, covering a variety of development sectors and cross-cutting themes, like poverty and the position of women. It provides information required for monitoring development progress and formulate development policies and programmes. The survey was conducted by the Central Statistics Organization (CSO) of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and provides results that are representative at national and provincial level. It covered 20,828 households and 159,224 persons across the country, and is unique in the sense that it also includes the nomadic Kuchi population of Afghanistan.

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