Crisis Prevention and Recovery

Crisis Prevention
An Afghan national police feed a young boy in Kabul. Photo: UNDP Afghanistan / LOTFA
  • Afghanistan Access to Justice (AA2J)

    The justice sector was largely dismantled during the 30-year civil war, leaving justice sector institutions unable to address the needs of the Afghan population and eroding public trust. Despite significant support from the international community, there are still structural weaknesses, institutional corruption and insufficient capacity.

  • Law and Order Trust Fund for Afghanistan (LOTFA)

    In order to strengthen Afghanistan’s ability to maintain law and order, UNDP and the donor community work closely with the Government of Afghanistan to build and maintain a professional police force and implement the reform priorities of the Ministry of Interior Affairs (MOIA). The latest phase of the LOTFA programme began in July 2015 after a lengthy series of consultations among donors, the Government and UNDP. These led to the design of a radically improved project.

  • Ministry of Interior (MOIA) and Police Development (MPD)

    In the next four years, the MPD project will enhance the capacity of the MOIA to review and reform its policies, civilianize certain administrative roles, develop its institutions, modernize administration systems to increase responsiveness and accountability, provide professional training, enhance police-community partnership, and improve police service delivery to the citizens.

  • Support to Payroll Management (SPM)

    The Support to Payroll Management (SPM) project handles the police payroll, and builds capacity at finance and human resources departments so that the MOIA can take over the payroll management function in the future. While significant progress has been made towards building capacity within the MOIA, the donors and government agreed to extend the SPM project until the end of 2017. This will help with further capacity development, and the improving of systems to meet the donor requirements and ensure robust, transparent and efficient payroll functions.

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