Poverty Reduction

Poverty Reduction
Young women weaves carpet in a training session supported by the UNDP's National Area-Based Development Program (NABDP), in Kama district of Jalalabad.
  • Afghanistan Sustainable Energy for Rural Development (ASERD)

    The ASERD programme plans to establish sustainable rural energy services in almost 200 rural communities over the next four years, providing both electric and thermal energy. Alongside the establishment of village level grids and thermal energy services, the project will pilot seven innovative financing and delivery models for eventual mainstreaming. This will bring sustainable energy to over 50,000 households.

  • National Area-Based Development Programme (NABDP)

    There is no way to significantly reduce poverty in Afghanistan without a strong focus on agriculture, rural employment generation, the promotion of sustainable livelihoods and the development of rural infrastructure. To this end, the National Area-Based Development Programme, a joint initiative of the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development and UNDP, invests in social organization, infrastructure, local economic development and sub-national governance initiatives.