Women's Empowerment

Afghanistan’s first female Provincial Council Chair in Bamyan province, Tayeba Khawary, in her office. Photo: UNDP Afghanistan / 2015
  • Gender Equality Project (GEP II)

    The Gender Equality Project II focuses on three major areas or problems that Afghan women currently face; first, lack or weak support provides to women’s right through policies and legal documents of Afghanistan; Second, feeble participation of women in the economic activities of country; this has resulted in women dependency economically on other family members.

  • Enhancing Gender Equality and Mainstreaming in Afghanistan (EGEMA)

    Enhancing Gender Equality and Mainstreaming in Afghanistan (EGEMA) project provides technical assistance to the Ministry of Women Affairs (MoWA) to build its capacity and advance gender mainstreaming in government policy and planning process, coordinate and monitor implementation of National Action plan of Women, and take stronger role in women economic empowerment, behavioral socio-cultural changes toward gender equality, as well as creating a cadre of nationally educated gender experts that are ready to be employed in public and private sectors.

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