Rule of Law

Security continues to be the major barrier to development in Afghanistan. Parts of the country remain occupied by anti-government forces and the UN recorded more civilian casualties in 2015 than in any other year on record. Peace negotiations restarted in January 2015, with preliminary talks involving Afghanistan, Pakistan, the US and China.

The police service has had to be completely rebuilt over the past decade, and much progress has been made. But with the withdrawal of international forces, the police continue to play a frontline role in the conflict, distracting from their primary goal of becoming a civilian service that can fight crime and earn the trust of the community.More

Building the Capacity of the Afghan National Police

Gender segregation in the Afghan society prevents most women and girls from approaching male police officers to report crimes against them; hence the importance of having female police officers staffing units that can investigate incidents of violence against women.more


  • Law and Order Trust Fund for Afghanistan (LOTFA)

    In order to strengthen Afghanistan’s ability to maintain law and order, UNDP and the donor community work closely with the Government of Afghanistan to build and maintain a professional police force and implement the reform priorities of the Ministry of Interior Affairs (MOIA).more 

  • Justice and Human Rights in Afghanistan (JHRA)

    UNDP aims to boost state capacity, raise awareness among citizens of their legal entitlements and support access to justice for the most vulnerable. We help government ensure that legislation is compliant with international standards and norms, build Ministry of Justice capacity to draft legislation and work with an inter-ministerial task force responsible for taking decisions on human rights. more 

  • Afghanistan Peace and Reintegration Programme (APRP)

    Following the elections in 2014, there was a peaceful political transition to the National Unity Government under the leadership of President Ghani and Chief Executive Abdullah. The new Government decided to focus its peace program on high-level reconciliation and negotiation. The vision is to achieve a just and durable peace by reaching a political solution to the conflict, promoting dialogue and taking measures to reintegrate armed opposition groups back into society.more