Climate change threatens to undo many of the development gains made in Afghanistan over the last decade, particularly for the rural poor.

Forest coverage has been decimated, little land is available for farming, and environmental degradation and poor management of natural resources have left a legacy of pollution and public health issues. MORE

Band-e-Amir: Afghanistan’s Hidden Wonderland

Band-e-Amir and the surrounding area, is home to more wild cat species than the whole of Sub Saharan Africa. There are also birds, deer and other endangered animals. But they and the environment they live in are under threat from over grazing, tree felling, poaching and a surge in tourist numbers. In high season, as many as 5,000 tourists can visit the park in a single day. They come for the astonishing natural beauty, which, at nearly 3,000 meters above sea level, is literally breathtaking, and for the relaxing and supposedly rejuvenating properties of the park’s six lakes, whose travertine deposits colour the waters a rich, otherworldly turquoise. MORE


  • Global Environment Facility - Small Grants Programme

    Launched in 1992, the Global Environment Facility’s Small Grants Programme (GEF-SGP) funds environmental projects implemented by civil society. In Afghanistan, funding has been made available to a wide range of organizations, including those that work on issues related to women, local communities and indigenous groups. These funds have enabled projects covering biodiversity, climate change, land degradation, sustainable forest management, international waters and the elimination of harmful chemicals.more 

  • Climate Change Adaptation

    UNDP builds government capacity to integrate risk and impact assessments into development plans at the local level. We help the government study climate change scenarios and assess alternatives for the agriculture sector in four provinces. We also assist Community Development Councils to integrate climate change risk into their planning.more 

  • Biodiversity Afghanistan

    UNDP helps manage and expand protected areas in Afghanistan. We are supporting the establishment of Afghanistan’s Parks and Wildlife Authority. The new institution will create a legal, policy and institutional framework for protected area management.more 

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