BridgeAn all-weather bridge constructed by UNDP’s livelihood programme helps villagers cross the river everyday and connects them to markets and schools. Photo: UNDP / Sayed Omer / 2015

Afghanistan faces an uncertain economic outlook. Economic growth has slowed considerably, unemployment is on the rise, and ongoing insecurity hampers investment and encourages many of the most productive and educated citizens to migrate.


The World Bank estimates that growth in 2016 will be below 2% percent and will remain low in the medium term. Declining levels of international support have reduced demand and contributed to deflation, which is likely to exacerbate an unemployment rate already at 40 percent.


UNDP supports the government of Afghanistan to create livelihood opportunities and reduce poverty, especially among the most vulnerable groups. We work with businesses to create jobs and economic growth, and with government to build infrastructure, link rural areas to markets and develop new forms of employment, including in the sustainable mining sector.


Since most Afghans depend on the land for an income, our work on livelihoods is closely linked with our efforts to protect the environment, bring sustainable energy to rural areas, and prepare for natural disasters (for more on which, see our Environment page)

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