Lift off for the Global Goals: UNDP’s SDG Kite Festival Brings Hundreds of Women, Men and Children Together for a Day of Celebration in Kabul

28 December 2016, Kabul – 
Everyone in Afghanistan loves flying kits – so what better way to get people talking about development than by holding a development-themed kite festival?

Last month, UNDP set out with 500 kites to the top of Kabul’s Wazir Akbar Khan hill, and we invited all of Kabul to join us. Around 600 local people came along – men, women and children – to spend a day in sunshine flying kites decorated with the logos of the Sustainable Development Goals.

These 17 Global Goals are a set of targets agreed by 193 countries worldwide to make the world a fairer, safer and more sustainable place for everyone. The Goals have to be met by 2030 and they include ending poverty and hunger, reducing inequality, providing clean water and education, and protecting the environment.

UNDP and the Ministry of the Economy are taking the lead on ensuring that government policy is designed to work toward meeting all 17 targets.

The Afghanistan Sustainable Development Goals – with targets tailored to the local context – will be launched here in January. We’ll have updates for you then – but for now, enjoy this video of a rare day of peace and happiness in Kabul. 

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