Despite huge improvements since the end of the Taliban regime, women still face widespread discrimination and human rights abuses. Women are largely restricted to low-paid, unregulated employment, harassment is widespread, political participation and educational opportunities are limited, and women face numerous obstacles to getting fair treatment from the justice system.

UNDP works with the Ministry of Women’s Affairs and other government bodies to implement key commitments on gender equality, gender mainstreaming and women’s rights. This includes capacity building for government and other staff and assistance in monitoring progress against gender benchmarks. MORE

A Step Towards Addressing the Gender Gap

Kabul University and UNDP launched Afghanistan’s first-ever Master’s degree in Gender and Women’s Studies. UNDP also inaugurated a Gender Resources Center within the faculty, equipped with computers, books and research materials.MORE


  • [closed] The Gender Equality Project II (GEP-II)

    The Gender Equality Project II (GEP-II) focuses on improving policies and legal documents, boosting economic empowerment and ensuring access to justice and human rights. Based in the Ministry of Women’s Affairs (MoWA), we provide policy support and capacity building for MoWA officials to oversee implementation of the National Action Plan for the Women of Afghanistan, review the polices of other ministries and ensure that ministry budgets are gender responsive.more