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 Park rangers in Band-e-Amir National Park, where UNDP runs projects with the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and the Global Environment Fund’s Small Grants Programme (GEF/SGP) to protect the environment and provide clean energy to local residents. Photo: UNDP Afghanistan / Rob Few / 2015
  • Dreams Soar: Afghan-American Pilot Shaesta Inspires Young Women around the World Jul 17, 2017

    Shaesta Waiz, a professional Afghan-American pilot, has been flying solo around the world to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) among girls. She kicked off her journey from Daytona Beach in Florida on May 13 and has been scheduled to fly to 34 destinations in five continents.

  • Afghanistan's 'Hill of Widows' Live in a World Apart Jul 4, 2017

    Kabul (AFP) - The first women settled on this stony slope outside Kabul in the 1990s hoping to escape the stigma those like them are forced to endure. Today it is known as Afghanistan's 'hill of widows', home to a cluster of women who have eked out independence in a society that shuns and condemns them as immoral.

  • UNDP Afghanistan Country Director Speaks with Ariana News on Poverty, Environment, Governance and Security May 24, 2017

    Last week, UNDP Country Director, Douglas Keh gave an in-depth interview to the Ariana news network about UNDP’s work in reducing poverty and bringing better lives to people in Afghanistan. In a wide-ranging interview lasting forty minutes, Mr. Keh spoke about the major development issues in the country, including women’s rights, democratic governance, climate change, and security. He also spoke about the importance of the Sustainable Development Goals.

  • New Police Law to Ensure Better Service May 16, 2017

    With support from UNDP, the ministry of interior held a two-day national conference to reform police law. Over 300 participants including senior government officials, lawmakers, police officials from all 34 provinces, legal practitioners, members of civil society and human rights activists attended the event. The conference took place after a series of consultations over the past year with police officers throughout the country.

  • Success Story: Malaria Control in Afghanistan May 15, 2017

    Malaria has always been a problem in Afghanistan, especially in the eastern and southeastern provinces. But today, due to successful malaria control programmes, incidents of the disease are at their lowest for 15 years.

  • Gender Master Progamme: A place for gender specialists that their ideas inspire the rest of society May 9, 2017

    LE MONDE runs a story on Afghanistan first Master Programme in Gender and Women Studies. The article is written in French, read the whole article here:

  • UNDP Heads for Asia-Pacific and Afghanistan Discuss Belt and Road Initiative on CGTN May 3, 2017

    In the fall of 2013, China introduced the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) to connect countries in Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe to promote more effective economic cooperation, which could benefit nearly four billion people in emerging economies in these regions.

  • Youth Symposium Opens up a National Dialog on the Sustainable Development Goals Apr 30, 2017

    Over 400 young men and women from around the country gathered at a symposium in Kabul last week and proposed some creative ideas on how Afghanistan can achieve Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. Youth Thinkers Society organized the event in collaboration with UNDP Afghanistan and the Ministry of Economy.

  • Obstacle Lifted: Graduates of Police Academy to Pursue Higher Education Apr 10, 2017

    Afghanistan National Police Academy gained the status of a university. The Ministry of Interior has been running the academy for over 50 years, but its graduates couldn’t get their degrees attested. Now, the Afghan Higher Education Ministry, an official body to accredit educational degrees, has agreed to recognize all the academy’s four- year courses as bachelor degrees, after the academy fulfilled the higher education requirements for degree programmes.

  • Treatment for Drug Resistant Tuberculosis to Boost in Afghanistan Mar 27, 2017

    Tuberculosis is one of the major public health issues in Afghanistan. If TB is misdiagnosed and treated irregularly with antibiotics, it develops into multidrug resistant tuberculosis. This is a severe type of the disease that is highly contagious and poses a serious public health risk. Currently, there is only one hospital in Kabul that can treat this type of TB.

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