Can You Dig It? UNDP Talks Mining and Human Development in Afghanistan

Jan 25, 2017

This year, UNDP’s Afghanistan Human Development Report focusses on how to make sure all Afghans benefit from the estimated US$1 trillion or more of mineral wealth lying underground.

With declines likely in foreign aid over the coming years, the huge potential of the extractive industry is more important than ever. But investment is held back by instability, conflict, corruption, terrorism and lack of capacity.

The new Report, scheduled to be released later this year will explore how extractive industries can power education, health and employment, while safeguarding the environment and providing equitable benefits for all.

Learn more about the issues In this episode of Negaresh (Attitudes), aired on Ariana TV on January 15, 2017, with:

  • Javed Noorani, Lead Author, National Human Development Report, UNDP
  • Abdul Wali Mudaqeq, Deputy Director, National Environmental Protection Agency
  • Zabihullah Sarwari, Spokesperson, Ministry of Mines and Petroleum

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