Equator Prize Winner Gets Global Recognition

Jan 6, 2016

Rural Green Environment Organization, a local environmental initiative in Badakshan wins the United Nations Equator 2015 prize. The Equator Prize is awarded to 20 outstanding initiatives across the world for advancing innovative solutions for people and nature. 

UNDP Afghanistan is a proud partner of Rural Green through the Small Grants Program.


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  • See How Six Communities Around the World Are Adapting to Climate Change:

Under the umbrella of the United Nations Development Programme, the Equator Initiative supports the work of local and indigenous communities in creating sustainable development solutions worldwide. They have found innovative ways to combat the effects of climate change, and the Equator Prize—awarded to 20 communities this year—recognizes these efforts. This short from Perspective Film Production highlights the work of six of the recipients.

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National Geographic source link: http://video.nationalgeographic.com/video/short-film-showcase/see-how-six-communities-around-the-world-are-adapting-to-climate-change?source=searchvideo

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