UNDP Afghanistan Country Director Speaks with Ariana News on Poverty, Environment, Governance and Security

May 24, 2017

Last week, UNDP Country Director, Douglas Keh gave an in-depth interview to the Ariana news network about UNDP’s work in reducing poverty and bringing better lives to people in Afghanistan.

In a wide-ranging interview lasting forty minutes, Mr. Keh spoke about the major development issues in the country, including women’s rights, democratic governance, climate change, and security. He also spoke about the importance of the Sustainable Development Goals.

In response to a question on the Afghan elections, Mr. Keh said, “I think moving forward the one area where we need to do better as UNDP is supporting the government and the Independent Elections Commission in managing future elections on their own, especially technically and logistically.”

UNDP has provided technical and logistical support to the Afghan elections since 2004, but they gradually handed over these responsibilities to the Independent Elections Commission over the past elections. It means the elections have become more and more Afghan-led and the costs lowered in each successive election.

On the issue of climate change, Mr. Keh pointed out that while Afghanistan is not one of the largest producers of greenhouse gases, its vulnerable position meant that it would suffer disproportionately.

On gender, Mr. Keh spoke from his experience working in developing countries to say that any country which does not grant economic, social and political freedom to half its population – the women, faces challenges.

Commenting on the security situation, the Country Director acknowledged the complexity of the problem, and noted that any solution would require genuine partnership between the government of Afghanistan, countries throughout the region, and other political stakeholders. He added that the UN had a key role to play in bringing actors together in constructive dialogue.

Watch the full interview below.



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