Minister of Interior and Chair of LOTFA Steering Committee, Mr. Wais Barmak and UNDP Resident Representative a.i., shake hands after new LOTFA ToR approval. © UNDP / S. Omer Sadaat / 2018

The Law and Order Trust for Afghanistan (LOTFA) has been a fixture of UNDP’s programme portfolio since 2002, supporting institutions, managing payroll, and training police on the ground. On 25 November 2018, the LOTFA steering committee, comprised of Afghan ministries, international donors and UNDP, and chaired by the Minister of Interior, made the decision to approve the revised LOTFA Terms of Reference, restructuring the fund and expanding its scope.

The new LOTFA will cover the entire rule of law sector in Afghanistan, including police, courts and corrections, creating more opportunities for synergies and cross-cutting approaches. It will provide the government with a sustainable multilateral financial support for the coming years to reform the security and justice sector.

Opening the meeting, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Dr. Abdullah Abdullah thanked UNDP and LOTFA donors for their continued commitment to support Afghanistan as it rebuilds and strengthens its rule of law institutions: ‘‘I appreciate that LOTFA has been redesigned, to be more fit-for purpose, supporting the Afghan government in delivering rule of law for the Afghan people’’ said Dr. Abdullah, adding  ‘‘the police alone cannot deliver security and rule of law. The solution requires a whole of government approach, involving all security and justice institutions working together to build the security and justice chain with its international partners’’

Speaking at the meeting, Minister of Interior and Chair of LOTFA Steering Committee, Mr. Wais Barmak, commended the redesign of LOTFA and the new governing structure as an “historic step” in reforming the rule of law sector and delivering security and justice for the citizens. ‘‘The new LOTFA and its governance structures will provide platforms for cooperation between Afghan security and justice institutions and our international partners to better plan, harmonize and coordinate our efforts” he said.  

The revised LOTFA will effectively function as a ‘catalytic’ funding mechanism within the Rule of Law sector which will allow the government and its international partners to jointly plan and design sector-wide programmes to strengthen rule of law and improve access to justice.

© UNDP / S. Omer Sadaat / 2018
© UNDP / S. Omer Sadaat / 2018
© UNDP / S. Omer Sadaat / 2018

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