UNDP Signs MoU with EUPOL and Afghan Government

Mar 11, 2013

UNDP Afghanistan: Women Police and Prosecutors’ Training to Fight Violence Against Women

Kabul, Afghanistan: Close to 80 women police officers, prosecutors and members of the legal community in Afghanistan will benefit from a new training package aimed at equipping the justice and law enforcement community with tools designed to curb violence against women. A Memorandum of Understanding to enhance capacity of the Family Response Units (FRUs) was signed between the Ministry of Interior, the European Police Mission (EUPOL) and the United Nations Development Programme, here today. The FRUs are part of the criminal investigation department of the police and play an important role in investigating cases of domestic violence.

Within this new partnership 36 FRUs staff, 36 prosecutors and 6 law faculty members will be trained in gender-awareness about violence against women, management of complaints and reporting, as well as crime scene analysis. The first batch of trainees in March has been selected from Kabul Herat, Mazar-e-Sherif and Nangarhar. The selection process strives to have both FRU staff and prosecutors trainees from the same provinces. This is meant to reinforce the collaboration between criminal investigation and prosecution in the provinces on gender-based violence.

The training programme will build capacity among justice and security sector staff in dealing efficiently with investigating, preserving evidence and prosecuting authors of gender-based violence. Initially, the training programme will initially take place between March and May 2013.

“The lead role taken by the Ministry of Interior to coordinate this joint training is exemplary. It is essential to coordinate the local and national levels to ensure that the wheels of the justice system function smoothly, fostering a collaborative work environment between the Family Response Unit and Prosecutors for the benefit of Afghan women and men”, said Mr Alvaro Rodriguez, the UNDP Country Director.

Violence against women remains a critical challenge for women and young girls in Afghanistan: development partners from different fields of expertise need to support the critical role played by security and justice sector to prevent and mitigate gender-based violence. All MoU partners bring together their capacities to support FRUs and prosecutors: EUPOL will provide lead trainers and design the training modules; in collaboration with the Office of the Attorney General and MoI,

UNDP-JHRA (Justice and Human Rights in Afghanistan) and UNDP-LOTFA (Law and Order Trust Fund for Afghanistan) has an ambitious programme of equipping FRU units throughout the country with smartphones with superior digital camera capacity and IT equipment. MoI will ensure all female participants are accommodated at the women area of the National Police Academy, a necessary an enabling condition for the participation of female personnel staffing the FRUs.

“By uniting the expertise of both EUPOL and UNDP/LOTFA and JHRA we have the opportunity to reach out to Family Response Unit and prosecutors not only in Kabul but also in the provinces,” said Mr Karl Ake Roghe.

“The concept of these joint courses our experienced EUPOL trainers are delivering are the key towards success and they were well received in the past. They consist of a police-cooperation course, followed by a course on the Elimination of Violence against Women (EVAW). We already delivered three of them. They were so well received that the Afghan Minister of Interior asked us to arrange more,” said Roghe.

Through this initiative, UNDP-LOTFA and UNDP-JHRA will renew and strengthen their partnership to strengthen Rule of Law in Afghanistan. The UNDP Rule of Law Programmatic Strategy seeks to improve trust in the state and non-state institutions in the Rule of Law sector, with a particular focus on women and youth. As part of the European Union’s efforts to stability in Afghanistan, EUPOL ensures training and mentoring to strengthen the Rule of Law under Afghan ownership.

From right to left, Chief of Logistics Department, Ministry of Interior Gen. Timor Shah during opening remark at the Signing Ceremony of MOU between Ministry of Interior, EUPOL and UNDP in Kabul Afghanistan 11th March 2013. Photo: UNDP/Sayeed Farhad Zalmai

This training contributes to the on-going reform process of MoI and professionalization of cadres from security and justice sectors. Lessons learned from this first training will inform the development and establishment of future sessions, in coordination with MoI and the General Prosecutor Office.

“In all our actions we will also try to ensure sustainability. Through the UNDP JHRA-LOTFA projects I am hoping that there will be continuity of these trainings through establishment of robust institutional mechanisms and strong coordination among various key stakeholders”, Mr Rodriguez noted.

The MoU was signed by General Ghulam Ali Wahdat, Deputy Minister Support of MoI, Mr Karl Ake Roghe, Head of Mission, EUPOL and Mr Alvaro Rodriguez, Country Director UNDP Afghanistan. Mr Abdul Mohaimin Mansoori, Senior Advisor to Minister of Justice was present on the occasion. General Timor Shah, Chief of Logistics Department participated in the event on behalf of General Ghulam Ali Wahdat, Deputy Minister Support of MoI

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MoI: Sediq Sediqqi, Spokesman, +93 (0) 795225002, sediq.sediqqi@moi.gov.af
UNDP: Elena Vuolo, Reporting Specialist, +93 (0) 791694602, elena.vuolo@undp.org
EUPOL: Christiane Buck, Chief Press and Public Information, +93 (0) 793990469, Christiane.buck@eupol-afg.eu

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