UNDP Administrator Visits Afghanistan

Nov 18, 2015

Helen Clark, UNDP Administrator, addresses a group of Afghan civil society representatives. Photo: UNAMA

18 Nov, 2015 – Helen Clark, UNDP Administrator and Chair of the UN Development Group, has concluded a three-day visit to Afghanistan where she met with the President, senior government officials, development partners and civil society.

In her meeting with HE President Ashraf Ghani, they discussed migration, regional co-operation, economic growth, and sustainable development. Both leaders emphasized that UNDP’s mandate is to build government capacity.

With the Chief Executive, HE Abdullah Abdullah, discussion centered on the Sustainable Development Goals. With the Minister of Interior, HE Noorolhaq Olomi, the focus was on building government capacity to take over management of the police payroll by December 2016.

Helen Clark also launched a new US$90 million local governance programme, led by the Independent Directorate of Local Governance under its Director General, HE Jelani Popal. Over the next five years, the programme, known as “LoGo”, will support provincial and district government to improve services, planning and engagement with civil society.

In meetings with civil society representatives, ambassadors and the UN Country Team, discussions covered the Sustainable Development Goals, preparations for 2016’s conferences in Warsaw and Brussels, which will define future development and security assistance to Afghanistan, and practical steps to make the UN more effective and relevant.

Helen Clark also met with UNDP staff working in Afghanistan and emphasized UNDP’s vast experience globally and how it could be used to build national capacity in Afghanistan.

Helen Clark emphasized that Afghanistan needs the continued support of the international community. With economic growth down, levels of violent conflict up, and many Afghans joining migrant flows into Europe, this is a time for all partners to focus on the underlying drivers of peace and development for the country. “UNDP is a committed partner which will stay the course,” Helen Clark said.

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