Kot is strategically located district in Nangarhar province. The population of more than 160,000 people is mostly involved in agriculture sector. The district's high fertility soil enables the district to grow wheat, corn, vegetables, and poppy that are considered to be its major crops.
Agriculture is the main source of income for families living in the Farza and Istalif Districts of Kabul, as well as the Bagram District of Parwan. However, at harvest time, the oversupply of fresh fruits and vegetables in local markets push selling prices down.
Afghan farmers in the remote areas of the western Farah province face multiple and severe challenges to their livelihood. Frequent droughts and a lack of proper irrigation systems, along with the controlling presence of the Taliban, mean that opium poppy cultivation is often the most viable option for farmers to earn a basic income.
Afghanistan’s finest home-grown fruits and vegetables are in demand across the world.
The pandemic has had drastic impacts in Afghanistan due to its fragile healthcare system that is largely dependent on support from international donors.
United Nations in Afghanistan is announcing the 2020 photo contest on the theme of ‘Dedgah Zan’ or ‘Through Her Eyes’ to narrate the positive, vibrant and colorful stories of women and girls during this darkly challenging time.
Mezhgan, a 25 year-old Afghan star athlete, is a keen student, and has always dreamt of pursuing higher education outside of her home country. Today, together with 30 other young Afghan women, she is a scholarship holder for a Master’s degree programme in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

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