The 2020 Afghanistan Conference is a ministerial pledging conference, co-hosted by the Governments of Afghanistan and Finland with  the United Nations, taking place 23–24 November. The quadrennial pledging conference is an important opportunity for Afghanistan and the international community to commit to common objectives for promoting sustainable development, prosperity and peace in the country.

A central aim of the conference is to determine shared development objectives and commitments for the period 2021–24 for the Afghan government and the international community.

The shared development objectives will guide development cooperation and provide financial support for Afghanistan. In addition to the pledges of financial support, a new development framework, a joint political declaration and a new aid architecture supporting Afghanistan’s development needs and priorities are the anticipated outcomes of the conference.

The conference plenary will take place on 24 November, with side events on 23 November. The side event, Economic Priorities and Aid Effectiveness is co-organised by USA, MoF and UNDP discussed Afghanistan’s economic priorities and how can effective aid planning and partnership move Afghanistan away from donor dependence and towards greater self-reliance through the incorporation of private sector-led economic growth, trade, and regional connectivity into development plans for 2020-24.

This side event is intended to broaden the discussion beyond donor/partner funding flows to a more inclusive discussion of economic development investment that integrates all stakeholders in economic development, for growth through investment.

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Support to Peace and Prosperity Through Public-Private Partnerships in Key Infrastructure Investments



Launch of COVID-19 Socio-Economic Impact Assessment Note IV


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