The Global Fund in Afghanistan

The Global Fund has partnered with UNDP since 2003 to ensure that grants are implemented and services delivered in countries facing complex challenges.
UNDP has been selected as the Principal Recipient for four Global Fund grants: TB, health system strengthening, HIV/AIDS and malaria. Our work to support the provision of public health services in these areas includes advocacy, education and technical support for better diagnosis, treatment and associated care so that patients can enjoy empowered and dignified lives. These programmes also cover emerging areas of healthcare in Afghanistan, such as mental, social and reproductive health.

Reaching the hard to reach

The Afghan Ministry of Public Health fights HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria, ensuring that effective preventive, diagnostic and curative services are offered to targeted sections of the Afghan population in public and private health facilities. UNDP supports community level interventions to help populations that are difficult to reach. Boosting these services will result in a strengthened health system with reduced mortality and morbidity, particularly for women and the rural poor.

Multi Drug Resistance

Tuberculosis treatment centers

were constructed and functionalized in 3 provinces in Afghanistan, around 26932 people were tested for HIV and under 1,681,451 Long Lasting Insecticidal Nets (LLINs) were distributed to populations at risk of malaria.

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