Beyond war and poverty

Despite an uncertain economic outlook and a deteriorating security outlook Afghanistan remains committed to achieve self-reliance and increase the welfare of its people. The focus is on partnerships between the Government and the private sector to create a productive and broad-based economy that creates jobs for men and women farmers, urban businesses, manufacturers and meets the challenges of an increasingly mobile population, especially the youth.

Women’s access to education, training and jobs is gradually improving but too slowly on an international level. Displaced women suffer additional barriers to productive livelihoods, such as increased domestic tensions, domestic violence, forced marriage or early marriage.

Creating Sustainable Livelihoods

UNDP supports the Government of Afghanistan to create livelihood opportunities and reduce poverty, especially among the most vulnerable groups. We work with businesses to create jobs and economic growth, and with the government to build infrastructure, link rural areas to markets and develop new forms of employment, including in the sustainable mining sector.
Since most Afghans depend on the land for an income, our work on livelihoods is closely linked with our efforts to protect the environment, bring sustainable energy to rural areas, and prepare for natural disasters (for more on which, see our Environment page)

UNDP Afghanistan assists the government of Afghanistan to develop programmes and approaches that link people to jobs in demand in the national and international market and develop skills through market-oriented vocational training and the involvement of the private sector. UNDP builds on the assumption that a combination of major factors leads to better living conditions and livelihoods while making communities resilient to economic shocks and external factors:

  • participation of women in the economy and society 
  • infrastructure that supports jobs and local production 
  • enhanced local economic opportunities for youth, women and disabled 
  • cross-border cooperation for peace and security promotion.

UNDP supports  

the creation

of productive infrastructure, marketing of local produce, improved irrigation, market oriented vocational training and jobs to help Afghan people improve their livelihoods.

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