Rule of Law

Create the foundation for sustainable peace

Security continues to be a major barrier to development in Afghanistan. Some parts of the country remain under the control of anti-government elements. Access to justice remains limited in Afghanistan and people’s trust in the justice system is among the lowest out of all parts of the public sector. Over the last decade, UNDP has been supporting Afghan National Police (ANP) and the Ministry of Interior Affairs to transition ANP to a service-oriented institution that can protect people, fight crime and earn people’s trust. We are also building the capacity of government and legal professionals, who in turn strengthen legislation to align with international standards. Our partnerships reinforce links with informal justice, security and peace-building entities, as well as civil society and women’s groups. This comprehensive approach will allow for the application of an effective rule of law, one which includes equitable access to justice and growing public trust. Such conditions contribute to the foundation for sustainable peace and thriving communities.

Strengthen Rule of Law

UNDP currently oversees the trust fund that pays the salaries of the Afghan National Police, while continuing to build capacity within the Ministry of Interior Affairs, to gradually assume management and due diligence roles. We assist the Ministry in promoting human rights and gender equality; we implement projects to expand community policing, train and support female police officers, and institute new guidelines, improved oversight and more efficient operations; we work to build the capacity of Afghan justice sector institutions and to ensure access to justice for women, children, prisoners and detainees.

150,000 Police recruited and trained

In Afghanistan

Over the past 15 years, UNDP has worked with over 20 international donors and the government of Afghanistan to develop the country’s police force. We support the payment of salaries to the entire police force, help to rehabilitate facilities and train personnel. We will continue to support the professionalization of police and the reform of the Ministry of Interior Affairs.

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