Rule of Law

On-going projects

Law and Order Trust Fund for Afghanistan (LOTFA)

To enable Afghanistan to build on the progress it made over the past 15 years, UNDP and the donor community have been working closely with the government to build and maintain a professional police…  

Afghanistan Access to Justice (AA2J)

UNDP works to build the capacity of Afghan justice sector institutions and to ensure access to justice for women, children, prisoners and detainees.  

Ministry of Interior (MOIA) and Police Development (MPD)

In the next four years, the MPD project will enhance the capacity of the MOIA to review and reform its policies, civilianize certain administrative roles, develop its institutions, modernize…  

Support to Payroll Management (SPM)

The Support to Payroll Management (SPM) project handles the police payroll, and builds capacity at finance and human resources departments so that the MOIA can take over the payroll management…  

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