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The on-the-job training of Afghan National Police Officers is a demand-driven initiative guided by MoIA leadership.  

Yasamin: Serving the Country as an Equal

Afghanistan is considered one of the most dangerous countries in the world for women, yet the country has 3,958 women police officers, a ratio of one police woman for every 3,537 women. Frequently…  

Launch of UNDP Country Note V: A UNDP Country Report that analyses the current fiscal and macroeconomic picture of Afghanistan post Geneva Conference

Media coverage on the UNDP Afghanistan's latestm Country Report titled "Achieving Afghanistan’s Long-term Goals amid Short-term Adversities”.  

UNDP Afghanistan Announces ‘Dedgah Zan’ Photo Competition Winners

To conclude the UN's annual “16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence” campaign, United Nations in Afghanistan announced the winners of the ‘Dedgah Zan’ or ‘Through Her Eyes’ photo…  

Women’s Education and Empowerment Cannot be Put on Hold for the Pandemic

Mezhgan, a 25 year-old Afghan woman is a courageous person, and a star athlete, with a place on the Afghanistan women's national volleyball team. Today, together with 30 other young Afghan women, she…  

‘Dedgah Zan’ Photo Competition 2020

United Nations in Afghanistan is announcing the 2020 photo contest on the theme of ‘Didgah Zan’ or ‘Through Her Eyes’ to narrate the positive, vibrant and colorful stories of women and girls during…  

Advocating for a Change in Afghanistan Through Education

Having survived a long journey of struggles and hard work, UN Volunteer Asma Halimi is enthusiastic to be contributing to the development of Afghanistan. She is a passionate advocate for women in her…  

World Environment Day

UNDP Afghanistan, in partnership with Environment Watch Afghanistan and the National Environment Protection Agency Marked the World Environment Day (WED) with serious of activities.  

Media Coverage: Regional Economic Cooperation

Media coverage on the Regional Economic Cooperation (RECCA) Chamber of Commerce and Industries which was inaugurated last Wednesday, 10 July, 2019.  

The First Step to Success

Zuhal is only the second young woman in her family who is pursuing higher education and a career. Most women in her family have settled down to marry and raise children straight after school.  

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