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Picking up the Pieces: how Bahara became a Social Health Counsellor

Cultural restrictions and four decades of war have stripped women of their freedom and rights, including the right to education and work outside home.  

Healthy Police for a Peaceful Afghanistan: Inauguration of the Fifth Regional Police Hospital

 The fifth Regional Police Hospital to fight COVID-19 was inaugurated in Herat to serve approximately 9,000 Afghan National Police (ANP) and their families in the four provinces of the Western region,…  

Fourth Police COVID-19 Hospital Inaugurated in Kunduz

The fourth fully-equipped police hospital to fight COVID-19 was inaugurated in Kunduz today to serve the Afghan National Police (ANP) and their families in the four provinces of North Eastern region,…  

95 Female Health Social Counselors Graduates to Tackle Mental Health Issues in Afghanistan

26 April 2021 marked the inaugural graduation ceremony for the first class of 95 female Health Social Counselors (HSCs) in Kabul and Kandahar through the Ghazanfar Institute of Health Science.  

World Malaria Day 2021: Improving Accessibility to Reach Zero Malaria in the Country

This year, World Malaria Day was celebrated across the Nangarhar province under the leadership of Ministry of Public Health and coordination of the provincial governor, UN Development Program (UNDP),…  

Launch of UNDP Country Note V: A UNDP Country Report that analyses the current fiscal and macroeconomic picture of Afghanistan post Geneva Conference

Media coverage on the UNDP Afghanistan's latestm Country Report titled "Achieving Afghanistan’s Long-term Goals amid Short-term Adversities”.  

Media Coverage: World Bicycle and Word Environment Day 2021

UNDP Afghanistan together with the Afghanistan Cycling Federation gathered 200 riders on World Bicycle day and more than 80 riders on World Environment Day to peddle for a clean environment & beat air…  

UNDP and MoPH Join Forces in the Battle Against COVID-19 in Afghanistan

Like the rest of the world, Afghanistan experienced an unprecedented health crisis when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the country. The pandemic has had drastic impacts in Afghanistan due to its fragile…  

UNDP and the MoIA Unite in the Battle Against COVID-19 in South-Eastern Afghanistan

The Ministry of Interior Affairs, with financial and technical support of UNDP’s Law and Order Trust Fund for Afghanistan (LOTFA) project inaugurated the second fully equipped COVID-19 Police Hospital…  

Preventing the Prescription of Expired Medicine Enhances Public Health and Trust

In the past, doctors at the Shapola health centre in the Haska Meena district, Nangarhar have prescribed expired medication despite the potential health risk to patients.  

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