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UNDP and the European Union Launch US $16.9 Million Programme to Support Women Entrepreneurs in Afghanistan

UNDP in partnership with EU launched a US $16.9 million livelihoods recovery initiative today, to safeguard women’s livelihoods and women-led small businesses  

New UN Development Programme emergency initiative to support Afghan people in need

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) today launched a new crisis response initiative embedded as part of the overall UN system’s response that will contribute to preventing a humanitarian…  

Strengthening Women-Owned Businesses in Afghanistan: Female Traders Launch Domestic Sales

A key component CBARD-AIM project involves providing support to women-owned businesses, that include trainings on market demand, crop production and value-added techniques, financial cost-sharing and…  

International Women’s Day 2021

This year’s International Women’s Day is like no other. As countries and communities start to slowly recover from a devastating pandemic, we have the chance to finally end the exclusion and…  

Win-win for Businesses and Municipality in Kunduz

Issuing business licenses is one of the most important responsibilities of a municipality. This enables municipalities to regulate the local commercial activities and collect tariffs. At the same time…  

EGEMA Factsheet

EGEMA Debate Guideline

The Time is Now: Rural and Urban Activists Transforming Women’s Lives

"The Time is Now: Rural and Urban Activists Transforming Women’s Lives" - the UNDP Administrator's official statement for the annual celebration of women's empowerment and advocacy for gender…  

Enhancing Gender Equality and Mainstreaming in Afghanistan (EGEMA)

Enhancing Gender Equality and Mainstreaming in Afghanistan (EGEMA) project provides technical assistance to the Ministry of Women Affairs (MoWA) to build its capacity and advance gender mainstreaming…  

Perception Survey on Women's Rights

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