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Lifeline support from UNDP and the Global Fund keeps Afghanistan’s health facilities open

A key part of this emergency bridging effort to keep the health system functioning was to ensure health workers got paid. UNDP transferred salaries for the month of October to over 24,000 health…  

Community-based Monitoring Prevent Waste of Medicine at Health Clinic.

Hazrat Sultan Comprehensive Health Center (CHC) is located in the remote district of Hazrat Sultan, Samangan Province in northern Afghanistan. The health facility is designed to provide health…  

Enduring Partnership for a Peaceful and Prosperous Afghanistan

Afghanistan is going through a transformative period in its recent history. For the first time in decades, there is genuine hope that peace is on the horizon.  

The Opportunity of a Lifetime: My Conversation with Global Superstar Aamir Khan

As a long-time fan of the films of Aamir Khan, I seized the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, when the possibility to ask him a question arose during the Special Edition of UNDP’s Karma Dialogues.  

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