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Lifeline support from UNDP and the Global Fund keeps Afghanistan’s health facilities open

A key part of this emergency bridging effort to keep the health system functioning was to ensure health workers got paid. UNDP transferred salaries for the month of October to over 24,000 health…  

UNDP Country Note V: Achieving Afghanistan’s Long-term Goals amid Short-term Adversities

As Afghanistan moves into the future against the backdrop of ongoing peace negotiations, it is confronted with many uncertainties but also faces several opportunities.  

Country Note IV - Fiscal Options in Response to Coronavirus Crisis

The note is the fourth of a series of Country Notes that examine the likely effects of the coronavirus outbreak in Afghanistan with a focus on the fiscal implications of COVID-19. The note is prepared…  

Potential Impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic on SDG Attainment

This third note which builds on the first and second notes, assesses the socio-economic impact of COVID-19 on the Afghan economy and its impact on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  

Afghanistan Coronavirus Socio-Economic Impact Assessment Note II

This report describes the current situation and challenges in combatting COVID-19; then presents the results of select simulations; first; regarding the likely impact of COVID-19 on GDP due to…  

COVID-19 and Human Development: Exploring global preparedness and vulnerability

COVID-19 crisis is more than a global health emergency; it is a systemic human development crisis, reflecting our interaction with the ecosystem we are part of, which is already affecting the economic…  

Universal Basic Income is the Answer to the Inequalities Exposed by COVID-19

As the world copes with one of the most catastrophic pandemics of modern times, laboratory services and testing capabilities are proving to be most critical in tackling the COVID-19 outbreak  


The 2014-2015 UNDP Global Fund Annual Report provides an analysis of the overall status of UNDP’s Partnership with the Global Fund and strategic opportunities moving forward.  

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