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A Socio-Economic Impact Assessment of Coronavirus on Afghanistan

The COVID-19 pandemic has left its mark on all aspects of life throughout the world, including Afghanistan. In addition to affecting health of millions and causing thousands of lives in Afghanistan,…  

Global Fund Investments in Afghanistan’s Medical Labs Prove Vital in COVID-19 Response

As the world copes with one of the most catastrophic pandemics of modern times, laboratory services and testing capabilities are proving to be most critical in tackling the COVID-19 outbreak  

Living for Now

“Last winter many homeless people living with HIV died on the streets. We are trying to save more people this year,” says Idris.  

Global Fund Factsheet

Global Fund Afghanistan

As part of its wider engagement with the UN, the Global Fund has partnered with UNDP since 2003 to ensure that grants are implemented and services delivered in countries facing complex challenges.…  

UNDP Global Programme 2014-2017

The Global Programme supports countries to achieve the eradication of poverty and significant reduction of inequalities and exclusion. The Global Programme is the architecture that allows UNDP to…  


The 2014-2015 UNDP Global Fund Annual Report provides an analysis of the overall status of UNDP’s Partnership with the Global Fund and strategic opportunities moving forward.  


UNDP has been selected as the Principal Recipient for four Global Fund grants: TB, health system strengthening, HIV/AIDS and malaria. Our work to support the provision of public health services in…  


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