Thank, you EU! Power for Panjshir


Panjshir, 19 April 2016 — Before 2015, Pyawasht village in Panjshir had no electricity. Doctors stumbled over mountain roads to reach their patients, kids couldn’t study after sundown, and women gave birth in the dark. 

Then UNDP, with funding from the EU, built a micro hydro power plant, turning the power of the local river into electricity that could light homes, school and clinics.

BridgeHusna a 3rd grade schoolgirl in Pywasht Girls School in Panjshir use electricity from UNDP’s micro hydro power plant to study at night. Photo: © Sayed Omer Sadaat / UNDP Afghanistan / 2016

See what a difference electricity can make to people’s lives in this video shot on location in Panjshir. For people like Husna, who’s top of her grade 3 class at the local school, it’s been a revelation. "The reason for my success is having light in our house,” she says. “We also use the electricity at night to cook, wash dishes and watch TV.”

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