Muqadasa Ahmadzai, 25, in red, is a Npeace Award winner under the Peace Generation category.

The annual N-Peace Awards shine a spotlight on extraordinary activists, campaigners, and advocates in Asia and the Pacific who are championing the role of women in peacebuilding efforts and working to ensure that issues affecting women are addressed at local and national levels.

Muqadasa Ahmadzai, Mary Akrami and Khojasta Sameyee, are the three peace builders and activists who have won the 2018 awards from Afghanistan in three different categories.

Untold Stories:
Khojasta Sameyee is recognised for her work in media, using open media broadcasting to inform local and remote communities in the Balkh province of women’s rights, politics, and peacebuilding. Through her work, she is bringing much needed visibility to women’s voices and experiences in conflict-affected areas.

Campaigning for Action:
Mary Akrami is distinguished for her work establishing the first ever shelter for women at risk of violence in Afghanistan, and for her continued work establishing peace ‘shuras’ – a lifeline for women seeking conflict resolution for issues including domestic violence.

Peace Generation:
Muqadasa Ahmadzai  is applauded for her grassroots community activism, encouraging combatants to renounce violence, and organizing a network of over 400 young women activists throughout Nangarhar in Afghanistan province to support survivors of domestic violence.

Link to the full report, BBC Pashto:


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