A media films HE Minister Jailani during his remarks on the UNDP country note. Photo: UNDP / Omer Sadaat / 2021

UNDP Afghanistan launched its latest Afghanistan Country Report titled "Achieving Afghanistan’s Long-term Goals amid Short-term Adversities”. The Report is the latest of a series of Country Notes by UNDP Afghanistan that analysis the macroeconomic and fiscal situation of the country and offers policy recommendations on the way forward.

The report is part of UNDP’s continuing policy level support to Afghanistan. It provides an assessment of the current situation and identifies opportunities and challenges facing Afghanistan. In addition, it also proposes a series of programs that are aligned with the objectives and priorities included in the ANPDF II and the NPPs, and identifies funding requirements and the institutional constraints. The report outlines that the response to the development challenges facing Afghanistan can best be anchored to the SDGs for which the Government, UNDP and other development partners have already established priorities and worked out implementation modalities.

The report is prepared based on the existing official data using Computable General Equilibrium Models developed by UNDP for Afghanistan. It is intended to provide the policymakers with the evidence to better understand the policy trade-offs, and provide policy recommendations to ensure informed decision making in the face of shrinking resources.  

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