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Sep 21, 2017

Panel discusses Human Rights, Justice, Private sector development and SDGs in Social Good Summit, Kabul.

Last Sunday, at the Social Good Summit, held at the Park Star Hotel, Kabul, the youth of Afghanistan brought the future of the country into focus. UNDP Afghanistan, in partnership with the Youth for Change and Development Organization (YCDO) had organized the creative half-day event with additional meetups in four regional hubs (Jalalabad, Kandarhar, Mazar and Herat).

The summit brought together 300 participants (100 in Kabul and 200 in the four provinces) from civil society organizations, government and private sector, youth groups, university students and entrepreneurs from different walks of life to demonstrate their initiative and participate in a dynamic and engaging event.

The theme for this year’s Social Good Summit was “Future in Focus” and it engaged people from around the world to share their ideas for a happy and sustainable future. This will contribute to promoting the Sustainable Development Goals among youth, civil society and the public. The outline for the event was a 2-hour programme with two sessions. The first session showcased presentations on E-School software, a portal which brings information together from many sources into one platform, a water-management tool, and a security screening tool. Young people in Kabul showed to the world that despite conflict and unrest in the country, young entrepreneurs and development practitioners are involved in creative work and are hopeful for the future.

The second session brought top subject-matter experts to discuss justice, human rights and gender, education and innovation, sustainable development and private sector development. the panel answered questions from participants in Kabul and the four regions.

The Social Good Summit is a global UNDP initiative that encourages young people and civil society activists around the world to share their views and achievements in the areas of education, innovation, justice and human rights, private sector, and other areas in their countries and communities. It is the ninth year in a row that UNDP has been leading these global events to feed ideas to world leaders ahead of the UN General Assembly, who take important decisions for the world’s future.


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