Kunduz Customer Service Centre equipped with token machine being operational for service delivery. © UNDP / 2019

On 23 February 2019, the Municipality inaugurated a women-friendly citizen service centre, mobile citizen service centre and Ibrahimkhail road-paving service delivery project. In attendance were the Kunduz Governor, the Head of Provincial Council, the Mayor, Municipal Advisory Board members and other officials and citizens. The municipality received technical and financial support from the United Nations Development Programme through the Local Governance Project Afghanistan (LoGo) totalling  US$ 80K

These service-delivery infrastructure elements and projects will ensure access to municipal services such as payment of property tax (safaye), business license, certification of documents, submission of petitions, and information sharing. The provision of services will promote transparency and accountability in municipality. Meanwhile, the mobile citizen service centre will bring municipal services such as information sharing, business licensing, complaint registration, application and petitions as close to citizens as possible.

Mr. Farid Ahmad “Fazly”, the Mayor of Kunduz expressed gratitude to the project for the support to fund these projects which will help Kunduz municipality to provide streamlined services to citizens. Mr. Naimi, the Kunduz Governor thanked the project for their contribution and support to the people of Kunduz, especially Kunduz Municipality and added “The CSC and mobile CSC are important initiatives for timely and equitable service delivery to citizens and a great initiative in the fight against corruption. Equipping local government entities with modern systems and technologies will be effective in institutionalization of good governance and transparency."

Farid Ahmad, Kunduz Governor, Mayor and head of PC inaugurating Kunduz CSC.
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