The latest batch of female police officers take oath during graduation ceremony Photo @ SPTA 2019

On 27 April 2019, 167 female officers graduated from a  six-month professional police training in one of Turkey’s top police training institutions – Sivas Police Training Academy. This is the seventh batch of female cadets to be trained in Turkey since 2014, bringing the total number of graduates to 1,152. The addition of the latest group of police cadets to the ranks of police represents another important step towards increasing women’s representation in the Afghan police force and bringing the Ministry of Interior Affairs closer to its goal of 5,000 female police officers. 

The graduation ceremony was attended by the First Deputy Interior Minister of Afghanistan, as well as representatives of Turkish Government, UNDP and the Government of Japan.

Speaking to the graduates at the ceremony in Sivas Turkey, UNDP Afghanistan’s Senior Deputy Resident Representative, Napoleon Navarro, reiterated UNDP’s appreciation to the government of Afghanistan for its commitment to mainstreaming gender and building an inclusive, diverse and professional police force that protects citizens and upholds the rule of law.

“The inclusion of women improves the effectiveness and impact of security forces and strengthens law and order and the credibility of police” said Mr. Navarro. He also emphasized UNDP’s commitment to providing long-term support for the new graduates as they join the ranks of police.

 “While we may not be able to walk your journey after Sivas,” said Mr. Navarro, “we are committed to assisting you along the way.”

The Deputy Minister of Interior of Afghanistan, Lieutenant General Abdul Saboor Qaneh assured the graduates of the Ministry’s resolve to increase the number of policewomen and to provide them with equal opportunities to serve and advance in the ranks of police force. “Your inclusion in the ranks of  police is essential to us. You have been assigned to serve and protect the people of Afghanistan” said General Qaneh. “You will have the support of the leadership fo the Ministry of Interior, and you will have the same opportunities for deployment and promotion as your male colleagues.”    

Since 2011, UNDP has supported the Ministry of Interior Affairs in the training of police officers at the state-of-the-art police training academy in Sivas. The programme is funded by the Government of Japan. The intensive training in the academy includes classes on law enforcement, computing, physical training, first aid, dispute resolution, community policing and crime scene investigation, among other subjects.

Photo @ SPTA 2019
Photo @ SPTA 2019

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