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Upon receiving the budget for rehabilitation and construction activities from the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD), the Shora members actually embezzled a portion of the funding for personal use and it was found that 20 bags of cement were stolen from resources allocated for a street construction project in the Daman area, Behsood, by head of the counsel.

With support from UNDP Afghanistan, the Movement for Protection Organization (MPO) has established an anti-corruption Youth Alliance in the Behsood district providing anti-corruption training and advice, guidance, and informational brochures to members of the community.  

The Behsood Youth Alliance worked closely with local community members to investigate a recent corruption case involving the district development council Shora.

The Youth Alliance organized a meeting with Shora inviting some community members to participate and discuss the issue. In being held to account for their corrupt activities, the Malik and Shora members promised that future operations will be transparent, and all expenses documented and presented to the community.

The Youth Alliance also advised and encouraged community members to reconsider the composition of the council; to include honest and reliable people, which would aid the effective and transparent delivery of services. The Imam of the village mosque and other elders asked the Chairman of the Council for justice for the stolen bags of cement. The issue was resolved following an intervention from the chairman.

“Since the case has investigated and changes made in the composition of Shora by the Youth Alliance, the work quality is comparatively better, and the alliance has assumed responsibility to supervise the project until its completion.” Said the Head of Behsood Youth Alliance, Mr. Jawad Shabab.

Corruption is one of the most significant obstacles to peace building and reconstruction in Afghanistan. The Afghanistan Compact and the Afghan National Development Strategy (ANDS) both cite corruption as a major impediment to the country’s development. UNDP is the direct implementer of the ACTION project and provides funds to MPO to implement the anti-corruption grants programme which supports Civil Society Organisations (CSO) and community groups including women and youth, in their efforts to better promote transparency, accountability, integrity and public trust.

A resident of the Daman village, Mr. Mohammad Agha, said: “The quality of the work of the 40m sub-road in the village was poor, and cement was stolen. Since the Youth Alliance have been visiting the construction site, the work has been expedited and the quality improved.”  

The Youth Alliance work very closely with community members who are both affected by, and/or involved in corruption and endeavors to provide them with correct and useful information. Additionally, government authorities are not always cooperative, and officials themselves engage in corrupt activity. Combatting corruption is immensely challenging.

This initiative is part of UNDP Afghanistan’s Anti-Corruption, Transparency, Integrity and Openness (ACTION) project to increase public trust in, and transparency of, Afghan Security and Justice institutions and is generously funded by Royal Danish Embassy.


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