H.E Mohammad Tahir Zahir, Minister of Information and Culture speaking at the opening ceremony of “Training Programme and Awareness on Peace for the Year 2021 ”. Photo: UNDP / 2021

To build fundamental knowledge on peace process, to facilitate the expansion of an informative debate around peace, to manage public expectation and public awareness on peace, to introduce peace as a component of cultural development, to expand reach to as many Afghans as possible through as many platforms as possible, the State Ministry for Peace with support of UNDP Afghanistan is conducting a series of trainings titled “Training Programme and Awareness on Peace for the Year 2021”.

The initiative was inaugurated at an opening ceremony on 27 May 2021 at the State Ministry for Peace. Mawalawi Ata-ur-Rahman Salim, Deputy Chairman of High Council for National Reconciliation, Sayed Sadat Mansoor Naderi, State Minister for Peace, Mohammad Tahir Zaheer, Minister of Information and Culture, Hosna Jalil, Deputy Minister of Women’s Affairs and other government officials, representatives of civil society, athletes and media attended the ceremony.

During the ceremony, speakers reiterated on the importance of Peacebuilding, promoting a culture of peace for the realization of sustainable peace, and role of women in peace building. Mohammad Tahir Zaheer, acting Minister of Information and Culture appreciated the launch of programme as an effective step in creating culture of peace and educating youth on topics related to peace, and expressed the ministry’s fully support for the State Ministry for Peace. He added “peace needs intellectual and cultural transformation and the young generation needs to be aware of the consequences of war and the benefits of peace.”

Hosna Jalil, Deputy Minister of Women’s Affair spoke on the role of women in peace process, stating that Afghan women make up 51% of Afghanistan’s human capital and they cannot be ignored in peace process. Sayed Sadat Mansoor Naderi, the State Minister for Peace also applauded the initiative as an important step to involve communities in the peacebuilding. "Social peace is not possible without trainings, so to achieve a dignified, sustainable and just peace, trainings on social peace and awareness is keys to achieving sustainable peace. Trainings on peace have also been grounded by guidelines of United Nations and Human Rights” said Minister Naderi.  

The trainings will be conducted in eight sessions and each session will take three days with 30 participants. The trainings would focus on technical understanding of the Peace Process, international experiences of public engagement in the Peace Processes and updates from the ongoing negotiations. The project is funded by United States of America (USA) and United Kingdom (UK).

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