Kabul, 23 July 2020 –
Today, the European Union and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), in partnership with the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan, announce the launch of the 2020 application process for education grants for Afghan women to study in Uzbekistan.

Afghan Women with high school diploma (complete 12 years) wishing to enhance their professional skills via Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) programme in Agronomy will be awarded educational grants.

The main selection criteria include: basic knowledge of English, the fundamentals of biology and chemistry, as well as a successful completion of written English test and interviews with members of the Selection Committee.

The scholarship covers tuition fee, accommodation, travel and monthly stipends.

Award winners will attend a foundation Uzbek language course, basic English language, and basic courses in Chemistry and Biology during the first year of study. After obtaining necessary language skills and basic training in biology and chemistry, students will enroll at their TVET programme in Agronomy. The scholarship will last for three years from September 2020 until May 2023. During this time, students will live and study at the Educational Center for Training Afghan Citizens in Termez, Uzbekistan.

The application process starts on July 20, 2020 and comprises three stages. To find out about the programme and all the details related to the application process, please follow this link: https://edu.uz/en/pages/afghan_women_TVET_grants

The scholarship programme is funded by the European Union and implemented by UNDP. It is a new cross-border initiative that provides an opportunity for Afghan women to obtain education from Universities in Central Asia and thus enhance their skills and re-invent themselves professionally.  

For reference

What is TVET?
TVET or Technical and Vocational Education and Training is an umbrella term to encompass education and training activities. If you want to develop additional skills that you think are necessary for your career or you want to strengthen your current skills in a shorter period of time than academic degree, then TVET should be your choice. TVET stands for re-skilling or continuing professional development.

What are TVET's advantages?
The rapid technological changes demand that professionals continuously update their knowledge and skills. Unlike in the past where a job could be held for life, it is a new reality now to change field of work several times. TVET enables this flexibility in two ways. One is providing broad based technical knowledge and transversal skills on which different occupations can be based on. The second is providing continuing vocational training to workers that gives the opportunity for professionals to reinvent themselves and enhance their networking.  

Full information about application process: https://edu.uz/en/pages/afghan_women_TVET_grants

For additional information, please contact:

  • Feruza Nomozova, UNDP in Uzbekistan: feruza.nomozova@undp.org, +8-10 (998 78) 1203450
  • Sayed Omer Sadaat, UNDP in Afghanistan: sayed.omer@undp.org, +93 (790) 012345
  • Narghiza Alikulova, EU Delegation to Uzbekistan:narghiza.alikulova@eeas.europa.eu,+8-10 (998 78) 1201601

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